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Delightful Surprise Peaceful Countryside Holiday rental Alentejo comments from guests

This Alentejo Cottage has been used as a self catering holiday rental. Here is a comment from the guest book.

Delightful Surprise Peaceful Countryside.

Delightful Surprise Peaceful Countryside.

Delightful Surprise Peaceful Countryside

It has been a while since we stayed in Portugal and for many years ago we rented a house south of Porto so Alentejo was new to us. But what a delightful surprise - just what we were looking for - peaceful countryside, beautiful nature and very friendly locals. This time the slogan - where time is time hits the mark.

We needed a place where we could really relax and recharge our batteries and we did all that and it was a good surprise that mobiles did not work - no calls, texts, or emails for 2 weeks. Just perfect.

We did some local walks but did not tour the surrounding this summer as none of us has a drivers licence - but did very well without a car too. We had pre-ordered a big van and a driver for Lisbon transfers and with the help of Patricia at Portalegre tourist office found a nice English speaking taxi driver in Portalegre.

Please note we will now have Broadband with Wi Fi.

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