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Entrance Hall Alentejo Cottage

  • Traditional Alentejan fireplaceThe front entrance hall contains a traditional Alentejan fireplace.
  • Wall mounted rustic farming implementsWall mounted rustic farming implements.

The house is a combination of traditional Alentejan rustic style and modern architecture. The entrance hall was originally a major feature of one of the original cottages with a traditional Alentejan fireplace leading up to a chimney whose style is notably typical of the Sao Mamede region but they are rare now.

It was common to put the main fireplace of the house at the room at the front of the house so that non-family guests could be entertained without seeing any other part of the house which was the preserve of the family. These fireplaces are big enough for the host to sit alongside and roast chestnuts and cook meats.

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